Footsteps of faith

A Near Fatality. A fallen Family. A Bruised Reed. 


On Oct 2, 2004 Paulette awoke in the early morning and was rushed to the hospital only to awake to a new mindset. Paulette  was paralyzed from the neck down and many of her internal organs had shut down.Over a period of 3 months she had helplessly obtained a weight of 237 pds and had to be hoisted in and out of her bed with a lift. With only her faith , husband and 3 children she attempted to put her life back together. Her love for  God and her belief that she would live helped her to take the footsteps she needed to start a long and painful process to a recovery.

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 Paulette's Intro video.

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 Paulette first arrived in Calgary. A decade later and a New beginning!


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